The intended purpose of this Website is to provide a reference document for all aspects of underground coal mining in Australia (though there may be references to overseas practices where these could be of interest).

The aim is to be of use to all levels of expertise from people with no, or at least a very limited knowledge of mining through to practicing mining engineers seeking specific information on some aspect. It is not intended to re-write information which is already available in the public domain but to provide references and where possible Web Links so this document can be used as a rapid means of sourcing required information. As a result, most of the text of this Website covers very basic descriptions of aspects of underground coal mining while the more technical details are available through the links or references.

Where mining terms are used for the first time they are typed in bold within quotation marks. There is also a glossary available at Coal glossary - an explanation of coal & coal mining terms

The information provided is from limited resources and therefore is unlikely to be exhaustive. Any additional information, suggestions or corrections will be accepted with thanks and may be included in Website updates in the future.

Any text which may relate to or imply the application of a specific piece of equipment or process supplied by any manufacturer or business in no way implies a recommendation for or against such equipment or process. References or links to other Websites are provided because it is considered that some useful information may be available there. No endorsement of any opinion or recommendation stated or implied by those references or Websites is intended.

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